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We are very fortunate to have talented chefs prepare dishes that continue to please our patrons.  Under the direction of Pete D'Costa, Executive Chef Geoffrey Thomas is taking over the reins and continuing the tradition that Pete and Marie D'Costa established in 2009, sourcing locally, and using the freshest ingredients of our area, specializing in world flavors.  Geoffrey has been a part of The National Hotel since our doors opened in 2009, and through his work with other chefs at the helm, he has honed his skills through each unique challenge.

Geoffrey brings an adventurous spirit to the eye and palate with color, texture, and flavor creating an all-sensory experience that melds well with that of the community in which the history of The National Hotel is so deeply embedded.  His ability to create visually exciting dishes that are intertwined with his spirit of adventure to fulfill the D'Costa's culinary goals, are an unbeatable combination.

He has brought this love of food, the community, and local sustainable farmers, into The National Hotel and its clientele.  Geoffrey is a consummate professional who is always looking for a new challenge, and has found himself immersed in The National Hotel’s unique vision of creating a truly exceptional culinary experience for its patrons by introducing exotic seasonings and flavors to traditional fare, and making each dish visually appealing, creating a holistic and truly sensory experience for each guest.  He looks forward to the honor of cooking your next meal.  And that’s just the start…wait until you try Pete's weekend Additions to the Menu…

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